Whenever possible, we’ll post our Sunday sermons here. Click on the sermon title to download.  If you missed a Sunday, or just want to read and reflect on the message during the week, this is the place to come.  


11-21-21 Advent 1 Expecting the Drumbeat by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
11-21-21 Christ the King What is Truth? by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
10-31-21 Clergy Stewardship Sermon A Space for Beauty by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
10-24-21 Lay Stewardship Sermon Opportunities for Joy by Ms. Cathy McSwain
10-17-21 21 Pentecost We are Able by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
10-10-21 20 Pentecost What Spoke to me in Sacred Ground by Ms. Betsey Anderson, Ms. Candy Walker, Ms. Emily Mitchell, and Ms. Ginny Bradford
10-3-21 19 Pentecost ASP Sunday Sermon by Ms. Sally MacPhee 
9-26-21 18 Pentecost Pray Like Moses by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
9-19-21 17 Pentecost A Capable Wife Who Can Find? by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
9-12-21 16 Pentecost Who Do You Say That I am? by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
8-29-21 14 Pentecost The First Step to Climate Advocacy by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
8-22-21 13 Pentecost Weaving Together Spirit and Flesh by The Rev Rachel Wildman
4-4-21 Easter Sunday Suspicious of Hope by The Rev. Chris Wendell
4-2-21 Good Friday A Flower in the Vice by The Rev. Chris Wendell
3-28-21 Palm Sunday The Week When Time Collapses by The Rev. Chris Wendell
3-21-21  Lent 4  A new Covenant (Hunger Awareness Sunday) by the Rev. Chris Wendell
3-7-21  Lent 3 Vestry Sunday Sermon by Mr. Heath Luedde (warden) [Video]
2-28-21  Lent 2 Singleness of Heart  by The Rev. Chris Wendell
2-14-21 Last Epiphany  Understanding and Love by The Rev. Chris Wendell
1-31-21  Epiphany 4  Sermon for Annual Meeting by The Rev. Chris Wendell
1-3-21 Christmas 2  The Hope to which you are called by The Rev. Chis Wendell

12-13-20  Advent III A Voice in the Wilderness by The Rev. Chris Wendell
11-22-20 Last Pentecost Three Seasons by Ms. Judy Criscitiello
11-15-20 24 Pentecost First Impressions by The Rev. Chris Wendell
11-8-20  23 Pentecost Self Care Sunday by The Rev. Chris Wendell
10-25-20  21 Pentecost: An Act of Love (Stewardship Sermon)  by The Rev. Chris Wendell
10-11-20 19 Pentecost: Bad Theology  by The Rev. Chris Wendell
9-13-20 15 Pentecost: The Reset Button by The Rev. Chris Wendell
9-5-20 My Work is Loving the World Funeral Homily for Denise Testa by The Rev. Chris Wendell
8-30-20 13 Pentecost:  Graft into our hearts by The Rev. Chris Wendell
8-23-20 12 Pentecost: Do not be Conformed by The Rev. Chris Wendell
8-2-20 9 Pentecost: Wrestling with God by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
7-19-20 7 Pentecost: Know That I Am With You by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
7-12-20 6 Pentecost: Sowers, Soils, and Seeds by The Rev. Chris Wendell
7-5-20 5 Pentecost: My Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
6-28-20 4 Pentecost: And then a Miracle Happens by The Rev. Chris Wendell
6-21-20 3 Pentecost: Houses Divided by the Rev. Chris Wendell
6-14-20 2 Pentecost: The Harvest is Plentiful and the Laborers are Few by the Rev. Rachel Wildman 
5-31-20 Day of Pentecost: New Love Languages  by the Rev. Chris Wendell
5-24-20 Easter 7:  Good Grief! by the Rev. Chris Wendell
5-17-20 Easter 6: One Job by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
5-10-20 Easter 5, Youth Sunday: Mr. Andrew Presti, BHS Class of 2020
4-26-20 Easter 3: Stay by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
4-19-20 Easter 2 (Earth Sunday): Earth Sunday Sermon by Dr. David McGee
4-12-20 Easter Day: Earthquake Sunday by The Rev. Chris Wendell
4-5-20 Palm/Passion Sunday: Break the Cycle by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
3-29-20 Lent 5: The Long and the Short of It by The Rev. Chris Wendell
3-22-20 Lent 4: The Man Born Blind by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
3-15-20 Lent 3: Getting Past What Separates Us by The Rev. Chris Wendell
3-8-20 Lent 2: The Galactic View by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
2-26-20 Ash Wednesday: Fragile Beauty by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
2-23-20 Epiphany 7:  Fantastic Questions by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
2-16-20 Epiphany 6:  “I am the Law”  by The Rev. Chris Wendell
2-9-20  Epiphany 5: Are you free?  by The Rev. Chris Wendell
2-2-20  Scout Sunday Reflections by Joleen Ricci
1-26-20 Following Jesus  by The Rev. Chris Wendell
1-5-20  Herods Still Sit on Herods Throne by The Rev. Chris Wendell

12-24-19 Christmas Eve: A Messy Birth by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
12-15-19 Turning towards Joy by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
11-17-19 An Amazing Opportunity by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
11-11-19  Funeral Homily for Cecelia Parks  by The Rev. Chris Wendell
10-20-19  Lay Stewardship Sermon by Ms. Stacy Schalick
10-6-19  Increase our Faith! by The Rev. Chris Wendell
9-22-19 15 Pentecost:VBS in Parables by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
9-15-19 14 Pentecost: Lost Sheep by The Rev. Chris Wendell
9-8-19 13 Pentecost: Renewal by Jesus by The Rev. Chris Wendell
8-11-19 9 Pentecost: Investing in Love by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
7-21-19 6 Pentecost: Soul Deaf by The Rev. Chris Wendell
6-16-19 Trinity Sunday: Both/And God by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
5-26-19 Easter 6: The End of the World as we Know It by The Rev. Chris Wendell
5-5-19 Easter 3: Haiti Sunday sermon by Ms. Christine Anderson
4-21-19 Easter: Named by God by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
4-19-19 Good Friday: Honoring the Faithful Hopeless among Us by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
4-7-19 Lent 5: A Passion for Healing by The Rev. Chris Wendell
3-31-19 Lent 4: A sheep, a coin, and a son: Family Dynamics by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
3-24-19 Lent 3: 2019 Partner Church Sermon  by The Rev. Liz Steinhauser, B-SAFE
3-17-19 Lent 2: Spiritual Confidence by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
3-10-19 Lent 1:  Vestry Sunday Homily by Mr. Sanjeev Pillai [YouTube Link]
3-6-19 Ash Wednesday: Ash Wednesday Homily  by The Rev. Chris Wendell
2-24-19 Epiphany 7: Release by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
2-17-19 Epiphany 6: Decluttering our Prayer by The Rev. Chris Wendell [youtube]
2-10-19 Epiphany 5: Deep Waters by The Rev. Chris Wendell
1-13-19 Baptism of our Lord: Baptized in Christ  by The Rt. Rev. Gayle Harris, Bishop Suffragan
1-6-19 Epiphany: The Plurality of Epiphany by The Rev. Rachel Wildman

12-24-18 Christmas Eve: Big Love in Small Places by The Rev. Chris Wendell
12-9-18 Advent 2: Turn the Sound Off by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
12-2-18  Advent 1: In the beginning is my end by The Rev. Chris Wendell
10-21-18 22 Pentecost: Stewardship Sermon by Mr. David Woodward
10-14-18  21 Pentecost: Texts of Terror by The Rev. Chris Wendell [YouTube]
10-7-18  20 Pentecost: The Sufferings of Job by The Rev. Rachel Wildman [YouTube]
9-30-19  19 Pentecost: Children’s Message by The Rev. Chris Wendell [YouTube]
9-9-18 Creationtide 2: Be Opened! by The Rev. Chris Wendell [YouTube]
5-20-18 Pentecost: A Spirit of Questioning by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
5-13-18 7 Easter: Youth Sunday Sermon by Ms. Helen Pulizzi
4-21-18  Memorial Eucharist for Louise Maglione, Salt of the Earth by the Rev. Chris Wendell
4-15-18 3 Easter: An Easter Person by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
4-8-18 2 Easter: Guest sermon by Mr. Dain Perry [YouTube]
4-1-18 Easter Sunday:  Easter Fools! by The Rev. Chris Wendell
3-31-18 Easter Vigil: Act IV – Remembering by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
3-30-18 Good Friday:  Holy Week Act Three – Surrender by The Rev. Chris Wendell
3-29-18 Maundy Thursday: Holy Week Act Two – Intimacy by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
3-25-18 Palm Sunday: Holy Week Act One – Protest by The Rev. Chris Wendell
3-18-18 Lent 5 (Passion Sunday): Truly This Man Was God’s Son by The Rev. Rachel Wildman
2-18-18 Lent 1: The Problem with Perfect by The Rev. Chris Wendell [YouTube]
2-4-18 5 Epiphany: Children’s sermon [YouTube]
1-28-18 4 Epiphany: They Spoke as Ones Having Authority by The Rev. Chris Wendell [YouTube]
1-21-18  3 Epiphany: What in Jesus Name are we going to do about our Politics by The Rev. Chris Wendell [YouTube]
1-14-18  MLK Sunday: Excerpts from “Paul’s Letter to American Church” by The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

12-24-17 Christmas Eve: A Puppy for Christmas! by the Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
12-10-17 Advent II: Our Mightily Tender Messiah by the Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
12-3-17  Advent I: When the Stars Begin to Fall by the Rev. Chris Wendell, rector  
11-23-17 Thanksgiving Eucharist Reflections on Gratitude by the Rev. Chris Wendell, rector
11-12-17  Healing Eucharist:  Healing Service Sermon by Ms. Doris Kraemer
10-29-17 Reformation Sunday:  Our Reformation Legacy by the Rev. Chris Wendell, rector
10-22-17 Pentecost 20: Is Anything Really Caesar’s by the Revs. Chris Wendell and Rachel Wildman
10-15-17 Pentecost 19:  Lay Stewardship Sermon  by Mr. Heath Luedde [YouTube]
10-8-17 Pentecost 18:  Resurrection: The Art of Holding Together by the Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
9-24-17 Pentecost 16: What’s Future Is Prologue by the Rev. Chris Wendell, rector
9-10-17 Pentecost 14:  Becoming a Newcomer by the Rev. Chris Wendell, rector
7-30-17 Pentecost 8: Lost and Found by the Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
5-21-17 Easter 6: Homily by The Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
5-14-17 Easter 5: Youth Sunday 2017 sermon by Ms. Emma Pulizzi
4-23-17 Easter 2: Guest sermon by Brother Koester for Creation Care Sunday [YouTube]
4-16-17 Easter Sunday: Sermon by The Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
4-15-17 Easter Vigil: Tumbling Towards Hope, by The Rev. Chris Wendell, rector
4-9-17 Palm Sunday: Our Words for Jesus, by The Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
4-2-17 Lent 4: Sermon by The Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
3-12-17 Lent 2 (Vestry Sunday): Strength for the Journey, by Ms. Linda Moosick [YouTube]
3-5-17 Lent 1: Children’s Homily by Dr. Eliza Menninger [YouTube]
2-26-17 Last Epiphany: Instructional Eucharist [YouTube]
2-19-17 7 Epiphany: Turn the Other Cheek?, by The Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
2-12-17 6 Epiphany: Homily by The Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
2-5-17 5 Epiphany: Children’s Homily by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
1-29-17 4 Epiphany The Conversion of St Paul’s, by The Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
1-22-17  3 Epiphany, Going to the Circus with Jesus, by The Rev. Chris Wendell, rector
1-8-17 The Baptism of our Lord, This Is my Beloved, by The Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
1-1-17  Feast of the Holy Name,  God has Three Names, by The Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]

12-24-16 Christmas Eve, Ordinary Mangers, by The Rev. Chris Wendell, rector
12-24-16 Christmas Eve Family Service by Rev. Rachel Wildman [YouTube]
12-18-16 Christmas Pageant [YouTube]
12-12-16 Lessons & Carols service [YouTube]
12-11-16 Homily by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
11-20-16 Christ the King Sunday, Will You Re-member Me? by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
11-13-16 26 Pentecost, Healing Sunday sermon by Ms. Lisa Hafer [YouTube]
11-6-16 25 Pentecost, Homily by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
10-30-16 24 Pentecost, Homily by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
10-23-16 Adult Learning Forum: Celene Ibrahim on being Muslim in America [YouTube]
10-23-16 23 Pentecost, The “Right” Way to Pray by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
10-16-16 22 Pentecost, Lay Stewardship Sermon by Ms. Sue Swanson
10-9-16 21 Pentecost, Homily by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
10-2-16 20 Pentecost, Sermon by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
9-25-16 Guest sermon by The Right Reverend Alan Gates, Diocesan Bishop [YouTube]
9-11-16: 17 Pentecost, Restoring the Glory by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
7-31-16 Pentecost 11, Who Wants My Life? by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
6-19-16 Pentecost 5, Plunging into God by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
5-29-16 Pentecost 2, The Healing Fellowship of Christ by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
5-15-16 Pentecost, Speaking God’s Love in Another Language by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
4-10-16 Third Sunday of Easter, A Convert to More by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
4-3-16 Haiti Mission Sunday, by Ms. Chris Anderson, Ms. Daisy Girifalco, and Ms. Amanda Hubbard [YouTube]
3-27-16 Easter Day, Dark Matter and Idle Tales by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
3-26-16 Easter Vigil, Burn, baby, burn by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
3-25-16 Good Friday, The Day without Bread by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector
3-24-16 Maundy Thursday, We are how we eat by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector
3-20-16 Palm Sunday, A Radical Transmutation of Consciousness by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
3-13-16 Fifth Sunday in Lent by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
3-6-16 Reflections from Ms. Sarah Scoville for Vestry Sunday
2-28-16 Third Sunday in Lent, Where’s my burning bush? by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
2-21-16 Second Sunday in Lent by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
2-7-16 Scout Sunday sermon by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
1-31-16 Departing Warden’s Sermon by Ms. Sharon Healey [YouTube]
1-14-16 First Sunday in Lent, The Temptation to Prove Ourselves by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate

12-13-15  What We Do Here by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector (celebrating St. Paul’s 60th anniversary) [YouTube]
12-12-15 Advent Lessons & Carols Service in celebration of St. Paul’s 60th anniversary [YouTube]
12-6-15 Paving over the Wilderness? by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
11-29-15 Waiting for Christ(mas) a children’s homily by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
11-22-15 The Reign of Christ by Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
11-15-15 The Lessons of Healing, by Dr. Alex Brough [YouTube]
11-8-15 Sermon by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
11-1-15 Guest sermon by The Rt. Rev. Bud Cederholm, retired suffragan bishop [YouTube]
10-25-15 What can I do for you? by The Rev. Chris Wendell, rector
10-18-15 Lay Stewardship Sermon by Mr. Ron Presti [YouTube]
10-11-15 Does God give us more than we can handle? by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
9-20-15 Arms Wide Open, by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate [YouTube]
9-13-15  Calculus and the Kingdom of God, by The Rev. Chris Wendell, rector [YouTube]
9-6-15  A Spirit of True Healing by The Rev. Chris Wendell, rector
7-19-15 God’s Everywhere-ness by Rev. Rachel Wildman, curate
6-28-15 The Courage to Own Our Truth by Rev. Rachel Wildman, seminarian
6-21-15 Do you not care that we are perishing?
6-7-15 The Suit That Just Won’t Fit by Rev. Rachel Wildman, seminarian [YouTube]
5-31-15 Making Room for Each Other [YouTube]
5-24-15 Chaos and Capacity: Two Gifts of the Spirit (Pentecost 2015)
4-26-15 by Rev. Rachel Wildman, seminarian [YouTube]
4-19-15 Can I Get Another Witness? [YouTube]
4-12-15 Haiti Mission Trip sermon (by Ms. Carol Hokana) [YouTube]
4-5-15  We are the Risen Christ! (Easter Sunday)
4-4-15  In the Darkness (Easter Vigil)
4-3-15 The Death of Independence by Rev. Rachel Wildman, seminarian (Good Friday)
4-2-15 Our Smelly, Misshapen Parts by Rev. Rachel Wildman, seminarian (Maundy Thursday)
3-29-15  The Unfamiliar Jesus (Palm Sunday) [YouTube]
3-22-15 Vestry Sunday sermon (by Mr. Matt Skavenski) [YouTube]
3-8-15  Called by Imperfection [YouTube]
3-1-15 Children’s Sermon [YouTube]
2-22-15 I Will Remember (by Seminarian Rachel Wildman)
2-14-15 Peaks and Valleys [YouTube]
2-8-15 Guest Sermon by Tinka Perry, Episcopal Relief and Development [YouTube]
1-25-15 Departing warden’s sermon (by Ms. Lisa Hafer) [YouTube]
01-18-15 Gradual Epiphanies

12-24-14 Entrusted to our Care (Christmas Eve)
12-14-14 Hope in the Darkness [YouTube]
11-30-14 Advent (Children’s Homily) [YouTube]
11-22-14 Reflections for Jan Blake’s Memorial Service
11-9-14 Jesus Comes in the Night (by Seminarian Rachel Wildman) [YouTube]
11-2-14 The Family of Saints (Children’s Homily) [YouTube]
10-26-14 Charity and Stewardship [YouTube]
10-19-14 Moments in Time (Lay Stewardship Sermon by Ms. Carrie Mathews) [YouTube]
10-12-14 Dressing for the Banquet (by Seminarian Rachel Wildman) [YouTube]
10-5-14 The Ministry of Children [YouTube]
9-28-14 Between Liberation and Freedom
9-21-14 The Scarcity of Abundant Love [YouTube]
9-14-14 The Big Chair [YouTube]

9-7-14 Putting on the Armor of Light
8-31-14 Taking Up Your Cross [YouTube]

6-9-14 Faith, Hope, Love, and Music!   (In Celebration of Joan Reddy’s Life)
5-18-14 Commentary from Instructed Eucharist
5-11-14 Youth Sunday Sermon (by Mr. Alex Healey)
4-20-14 Easter Sunday: Who Will Roll Away the Stone?
4-18-14 Good Friday: Finding Ourselves in the Crowd
4-13-14 Palm Sunday Reflection (by Seminarian Rachel Wildman)
3-23-14 Vestry Sunday Sermon (by Mrs. Suzanne Johnson)
3-16-04 Being Born Again
3-09-14 Ultimatum Thinking (by Seminarian Rachel Wildman)
3-05-14 Ash Wednesday Homily
2-9-14 Time for an Upgrade
1-19-14 Finding God in the Questions
1-12-14 The Baptism of Jesus (by seminarian Rachel Wildman)

12-1-13 Holy Anger (by seminarian Rachel Wildman)
10-27-13 Letting the Spirit Flow
10-20-13 Stewardship Sermon (by Mrs. Candy Walker)
9-29-13 Chasms in the Heart
9-08-13 Wet Clay
9-01-13 Our Place at the Table
5-26-13 God Of Watercolors (Trinity Sunday)
4-21-13 I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (In response to Marathon attack)
4-14-13 Frustrated Fishermen
3-31-13 The Golden Egg (Easter Sunday)
3-29-13 It is Finished (Good Friday)

3-17-13 Vestry Sunday Sermon (by Mr. Joe Wright)

3-10-13 Reflections on the Prodigal Son
2-17-13 The Devil’s Greatest Trick
1-27-13 Departing warden’s sermon (by Emily Mitchell)

12-24-12 Your Presence Is Our Present (Christmas Eve)
12-16-12 Full of Costly Grace

11-29-12 All Shall Be Well (For the funeral of Paul West)
11-25-12 It’s Good to be King
10-14-12 Lay Stewardship Sermon (by Mr. John MacPhee)
09-30-12 The Bliss Point

09-16-12 Words of Power

06-10-12 That’s Crazy Talk

04-08-12 Easter Sunday: Choose your Own Adventure
04-06-12 Good Friday Homily
04-01-12 Palm Sunday Homily

03-18-12 Joy in Lent
03-04-12 An Eternal Covenant
2-26-12 Into the Wilderness

2-19-12 Up and Down the Mountain
2-12-12 Miraculous Healing
1-22-12 Embracing Truth, Accepting Change (Green Grants Sunday)
1-15-12 Look Up

12-24-11 Christmas Eve 2011
12-11-11 Finding Your Voice
11-27-11 Keep Awake to Compassion
11-20-11 Christ and the Gorilla
11-13-11 Failure is not an option
10-23-11 Rewards not results
10-16-11 Gray Areas
9-18-11 Our Daily Bread
9-11-11 Debts that Cannot be Repaid