Welcome to St. Paul’s!

St. Paul’s is a welcoming and affirming Episcopal congregation committed to living Jesus’ Way of Love, in which all people experience the dignity and abundant life that God intends for everyone.

As Christians, we strive to foster an inclusive environment that welcomes and cherishes people of all ages, races, nationalities, ethnicities, sexual orientations, sexes, gender identities and expressions, family structures, mental and physical health and ability, status as a veteran, economic circumstances, and political perspectives. And we affirm the presence of God in other communities of faith as well.

We believe everyone has a gift to offer our church’s life of ministry, leadership, worship, fellowship, service, and discipleship. We recognize that living the Way of Love is a journey, so we remain open to learning and growing as we deepen our understanding and commitment to be a truly inclusive branch of God’s family tree.

Adopted by the Vestry, spring 2021