Haiti Day 1, from Daisy

February 27, 2016

Woke up at 2:45am to start getting ready to leave for our mission trip. We were at Logan Airport by 5:00am. Smooth ride to JFK in NY and had a slight delay on the plane. When we were on the plane a woman was removed for a short bit because she was freaking out about her carry-on bag being under the plane. Turned out she needed to have her inhaler but no one knew that. She was back on and it was an uneventful flight.

When we arrived at Port-au-Prince we were quickly escorted through about 80-degree heat by five or so men through a crowd of people, and our hostess, Olpha, took us to the nursing guest house at FSIL. During the ride we passed through several towns on their market day. We saw people along the road selling any number of items, were approached to buy drinks or breads, and watched as goats, cows (some steer with huge sharp horns), and dogs grazed along the roadside. Driving through these areas was a game of chicken and often left us not wanting to look out the front, but rather to the side to see the sights.

After meeting our other hosts, Donnell and Janet, we had a lunch and now are all suitably exhausted. Dean Hilda welcomed us as well with a visit. The sounds of horns and roosters are going to slowly lull us to sleep. There is a mother hen making her way around the grounds, accompanied by some baby chicks. The guest house is a very nice place, and we are being well taken care of.


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